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The country of Roiano is located in 'area of ​​the municipality of Campli, about 700 meters high above sea level (689 m asl) along a stada which branches off from Srada State 81 << Piceno - >> Aprutina, among kilometers 26 and 27, touches Collicelli, Roiano, Villa Gesso, Putignano, and then come and take the same road bPiceno Aprutina at kilometer 31 about (the slow Plan).

To say of Palma, the name of the villa derives from the fact that they belonged to the Roman family of Arrj (as well Riano or Ariano of the City of Santa Maria Rocca), but then also mentions the possible etymology of Ara Jani.A Following serious plague of 1527, made history with the title of "Year of the disease" that made many victims in Italy and throughout Europe, among us were built many churches, chapels, altars and simple cone, in honor of St. Rocco, revered as a protector against the plague; also Roiano Campli arose a church in honor of the saint, but the expenses were incurred by 'single Bartholomew Ciaffoni.

And since we are talking about churches, we add immediately that in the district Source Martina, always in Roiano appliances, rose the church of St. Anthony which, however, was more precisely in 'scope of the Melatino feud.

We noticed that huge costs to cost him bled University municipalities or the stay of soldiers in their territory, in various times .Among the 'other for what we are concerned, in 1588 the' University of Campli had to deliver the wine to the Spaniards who fought against the brigands who had barricaded themselves in the villa is Roiano .Not to say what the poor little village had to suffer from the presence of the robbers, and then soldiers from reprisals.

In the creation of the new Diocese of Campli Pope Clement VIII in his Bull of 12 May 1600 traces the boundaries, and mentions the various parishes that were to join it and build it; between these states also our country Roiano.

Nell 'year 1603 the Battle fractions, Roiano, Garrano, Campiglio and Masseri, who were united in Campli, unanimously to St. Peter, Monticello and Ponzano which were annexed in Teramo, had recourse to the Director of the Chamber Sommaria to get to be able to gather together and rebuild the 'old Melatino feud.

At the root of the mountains in the cave called St. Erasmo, at Roiano, near the stream, in the past there was the Cimaltese and Poggio a large landslide, known as Palma, which had to threaten and even damage the 'ancient town of Roiano , and the ancient monastery of San Mariano, so the 'one and' else you had to rebuild in safer sites .And the Palma adds: << I for real such migration also to reflect that neither the surroundings of 'ancient S.Mariano They are the main possesioni of Badia, comechè decreased after a certain exchange even with the canonical Andrea smoke, Vicar general of Campli. >>

The capobrigante Cocciarecchia, namely Galli Pasquale di Campli, more 'times assailed Roiano to extort money from the families of the country .The July 12, 1809 he went to the house of Joseph Mariani, but the men had fled, and the women could not scrape together the sum claims from that, so this took away with him in the forest a young girl who, for his custody was added an aunt.
We do not know why ', the day after the robber sent free the two women .But the same day (13 July 1809) on that hill site Rancone the Cocciarecchia was killed with three shots saber Pasquale Berardo, Roiano and two men Molviano: such and such a Angelomidio Cicorietto.
How Roiano was united in Campli, it was considered one with the fraction of venal, that before had been part of the kingdom while Morricone Roiano was part of Feudo The Melatino.
Recently we had the news: There is a church dedicated to St. Mary; Roiano has about three hundred inhabitants and is 6km from Campli and 5 km from Campovalano;
There is the 'hotel "The Knoll", the Tailoring Scatasti Dino, a cellar at Pilotti Aldo; the phone is located at Caricilli Guild; his way was afaltata towards 1966; it is the TERAMO -Valle Castellana street, which we partly described above, but at present is paved up to Roiano and then a dirt road.

Taken from an article Newspaper "WALKS ABRUZZESI: Roiano" from which it is very difficult to go back to 'year, but we can say it was written by GIULIO DI NICOLA, because bears his signature.
Other signs Historical "S.Vitale"
The first church now destroyed, was the church of St. Anthony the Abbot in Roiano Melatino that existed in the appurtenances of Venali (Venales) near Collicelli and Contrada Fonte Marina .The Venali The village was out of the feudal territory of DI Melatino, and he had its own parish church of St. Mary in Alvenano.
LE-Roiano venal and "make a single village, since the time, they were .... they gathered at the containment of Campli, mentreche 'mentovata the Church has the care of both of them .."
At present, in 'parish area, outside the village, there is a very old church (apparently 1150) .And it is in the' list of buildings to be preserved .From a few years by the Civil Engineers of Teramo the foundations have been reinforced and repaired the roof. But this church is closed to worship for many decades, since the new parish church was built within the 'village (St. Mary ad Venales).
The Church of Santa Maria to Venales is a sixteenth century renovated facility in the centuries seguenti.Nella church there is a beautiful statue of the Madonna seated on a clay pottery of nocellese.Sono school located, all 'interior of the church, remains of frescoes dated 1604. ( Click here to download the S.Vitale life)
As documented by the images that follow, Roiano has had an increase of population and housing from 1935 onwards..

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